Full video of the launch can be found on YOUTUBE.


Cable Guyz 

Jack Skirvanek

Gabe Sanchez


John Wilson

Eric Balcom

Sue O’Connell

Bret Schwarz

Rick Brown



Charles Webb


Martin Wennergren

Matt Scott

Kathleen Elder

Robert Boller

Jim Gleason

James Nutley

Bob Baddeley

Jamie Karl


Eico Neumann




As you can see on the right of the screen we are trying to send a balloon, camera, temperature/humidity gauges up to the edge of space.  Here are the mission details we hope to achieve.

Mission: To send a weather balloon into the Stratosphere and make a Do It Yourself book to publish so that others can enjoy this hobby.

Some other experiments that we will be doing are:

• Take measurements of temperature and humidity at different attitudes.

• Capture images of the Earth’s curvatures.


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REMEMBER if the project does not reach its goal nobody is charged for their donation, so it’s really a win win for everyone.